C.P Company Olive Down Goggle Jacket

cp-company-goggle-dark-olive-down-jacket-cpub03049004275-p25143-96427_imageI wish they’d stop calling it a goggle jacket. It’s a Mille Miglia. I’m sure there’s a very good reason, but it’s making all the daduals call it a google jacket and it’s sending me west.

Now I’ve got that off my chest, let me marvel at this. I want one and if Father Christmas doesn’t bring me one, I’m going to tell everyone he’s not real. Seriously though, check it out. It’s a design classic, this Mille Miglia, I mean goggle jacket. It might seem a bit gimmicky for a 38 year old father of three to sport something with goggles in the hood, but somehow it seems not so.

Filled with duck down and with all the fixtures and fittings you can rely on from C.P Company, this is a return to form for the brand IMVVVHO.

And considering the way prices are rocketing due to exchange rates/factory costs, this isn’t mega dear.

See more at Stuarts.

cp-company-goggle-dark-olive-down-jacket-cpub03049004275-p25143-96429_image cp-company-goggle-dark-olive-down-jacket-cpub03049004275-p25143-96428_image cp-company-goggle-dark-olive-down-jacket-cpub03049004275-p25143-96426_image cp-company-goggle-dark-olive-down-jacket-cpub03049004275-p25143-96425_image cp-company-goggle-dark-olive-down-jacket-cpub03049004275-p25143-96423_image cp-company-goggle-dark-olive-down-jacket-cpub03049004275-p25143-96422_image cp-company-goggle-dark-olive-down-jacket-cpub03049004275-p25143-96421_image cp-company-goggle-dark-olive-down-jacket-cpub03049004275-p25143-96420_image

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