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There’s something pretty hardcore about the use of the word ‘tek’ rather than the abbreviated ‘tech.’ It’s quite assertive. It’s announcing that what it is describing is something else, something that a reduced version of a word can’t track. Whatever it’s relating to needs a new word. Hence: tek.

When I was a kid I went to loads of illegal raves under the banner UK Tek. They were strange places with strange characters and definitely not for the faint-hearted. Good, honest fun, though. They opted for use of the word tek over tech because, despite playing branches of techno, they kind of thought that the techno scene was for pussys and wanted to distance themselves. Hence: tek. Point proven. 

This ‘pro-tek’ jacket is just as assertive as the use above. The woven polyester is designed to combine the weight and comfort of a sweatshirt with the protective function of an outer layer. Think of it as the function of a coat with the easiness of a sweater. This is pro-tek, a high-performance, practical fabric. Gone are the days of simple cotton.

Hence: tek. 

Browse the jacket at Pockets. 

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