Carhartt WIP Does the best Bits

Carhartt, or to give it its full moniker, Carhartt Work in Progress (WIP), is a brand so ubiquitous it’s hard to be offended by anything it does. Taking honest-to-goodness workwear and building a lifestyle brand out of it is something they, Dickies, and lattery Stan Ray have managed to do, redefining what workwear means in the modern era.

Where Carhartt WIP trumps the other two, and indeed most other brands is in its array of what I can only really call ‘bits’. Keyrings, accessories, you know what I’m on about don’t you? The stuff you like but don’t always decide to purchase until it’s no longer possible to. Good gifts, the type of thing you can heavily hint at being bought for your upcoming birthday or anniversary.

We’ve put together a little list of what we can currently find available anyway, just to save you the trouble, and to demonstrate what the fuck we’re actually on about.

Carhartt WIP Siberian Parka Keychain/Keyring
We’ve seen classic coats being applied to screen printed t-shirts by terrace brands in recent years, but few have gone the extra mile and celebrated the parka in keyring form. Carhartt have.
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Carhartt WIP Coffee Mug
A sturdy mug that will provide endless opportunities for you to instagram the fuck out of your morning brew.
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Carhartt WIP Aluminium Skipping Rope
All the Real Lads (TM) have done a bit of skipping while training for a straightener haven’t they? The importance of a reliable rope shouldn’t be underestimated.
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Carhartt WIP Tamas Beach Paddle Game
Keep these at your Grandparents’ caravan in North Wales and remind yourself every time you go there, just how much of a cut above the locals you are, especially in the beach game stakes.
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Carhartt WIP Smile Floating Keychain/Keyring
No idea how or why you’d end up using this but it floats, and that’s enough reason to buy it.
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Carhartt WIP Lumen Folding Couch
Obsessed with these two seater deckchair things. Ideal for lads with a wide chassis or a duo of people who are notoriously narrow.
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Carhartt WIP Canvas Planters
If you’re on the houseplant hype of the last couple of years, your opportunity to show off will only be enhanced by these.
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Carhartt WIP Palm Key Hanger Gold
See when you get your new house and you want to signal to all visitors how hip you are? Get one of these to hang your door keys on.
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Carhartt WIP City Wax Candle
This is one of those candles that’s so nice you’ll be reticent to ignite it and therefore melt it away.
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Carhartt WIP Kinto Water Bottle
Can’t have a list of accessories these days without a drinking vessel, can we?
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Carhartt WIP Skate Rub Brick Tool
Something to do with skateboards, this, apparently. Not sure exactly, but it’s nice isn’t it?
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Carhartt WIP Static Incense Chamber
Yep, a ceramic television in which to house our incense, then burn it. Another example of something you didn’t know you needed.
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