Chaco and Oi Polloi Collab for a Set of Exclusives

The Chaco x Oi Polloi collection sees Chaco’s Chillos Slide and the Z Cloud given an Oi Polloi touch. 

chaco x oi polloi

Since 1989 Chaco has been making its iconic sandals with the Z-Strap system. Anyone who’s ever spent anytime exploring canyons, running through water, rafting or given any amount of time to amphibious scenarios, will understand the frustration that footwear presents. Trainers? Soaked. Flip flops? Gone. Sliders? See ya. 

Chaco’s Z-Strap was designed to fix that, with the perfect system for securing in your feet and their own in-house developed EVA formula that keeps the sandals buoyant. Perfect for any wild circumstances. 

Or, as Oi Polloi observes: “Saying that, you don’t have to be careening down The River Wild with Kevin Bacon to feel the benefits of these things, they’re also spot on for just nipping to the corner shop for a Twix.” 

Oi Polloi has added its touch to the classic Z-Cloud and the Chillos Slide.

Chaco x Oi Polloi Collection.

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