Champion Reverse Weave Crew Sweat at Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi are firing blanks at us, this time from U.S stalwarts Champion.

When I say blanks, I’m not talking about shit bullets or some sort of procreation-based pun. I’m talking about blank tees and sweats. Idling your time around any vintage shop will throw up a number of these. They tend to be made to fit someone with really wide hips and short arms, and they almost always seem to feature prints for American college football teams or just a long-defunct pretzel shop in Wankshaft, Arizona. Or something.

Thankfully, and somewhat predictably, Oi Polloi have gone and got a refined, modern fit in and there’s no mention of snacks or an American version of rugby for crash test dummies. So it’s all good, well unless you’ve got 8 inch arms, a chest like a chest freezer, and a penchant for having “GO HUNT THEM, BEAVERS!” adorning your person, then you’ll have to go to the vintage shop.

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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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