Charlie Ballett of Royal Ragz talks Mental Health

It’s a testing time for most people right now, and it can be difficult to fully appreciate what’s going on in the world of each person you know.

The rise in awareness of mental health has been good to see, especially in the last few years. Yet there are still people out there who encourage those who are struggling to “Just get on with it”. Clearly, there’s more work to do in bringing about a greater understanding of these conditions.

Having found things tough of late, Charlie Ballett of Royal Ragz wanted to do his bit, shooting then sharing a video explaining his own take on things, with pal Lucien Parsons. The physical symptoms of anxiety and depression can be debilitating, but the first step to recovering or even coping is to know you’re not alone. If we’re able to open up more about our own struggles, maybe that greater understanding will eventually arrive.

Having seen the video over on Instagram, we thought we’d do our bit and give it a push too.

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