Check Yourself Out with Nigel Cabourn

Few know their onions quite as well as Nigel Cabourn. And when I say onions I mean clothes. Why was onions chosen as some sort of representation of a learned gentleman? Why not say they know their encyclopedias or their geography or something? Why’s it onions? I’ll google it after I’ve written this and no doubt pass it off as an interesting fact to my friends this weekend, their eyes part glazed over and part rolling at yet another piece of trivia from my addled mind.

Anyway, enough of that, what about this jacket Terraces have got in from the aforementioned Mr Cabourn? When he’s making so many nice pieces of heritage-inspired outerwear, it’s no wonder Nigel is always pictured on social media laughing his fucking head off.

The jacket in question here is the Strap Smock, which benefits from a classic check pattern in shades of blue with a bit of white thrown in. A zipped kangaroo pocket makes this a perfect companion for windy beach walks and those times when the sun is out but you’re sitting in the shade. You know how it is.

Check it out (get it?) here.

Mark Smith

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