Clarks in Jamaica… again

Get on this. You probably saw it but get on it again.

First there’s Dennis Alcapone talking to the BBC (while wearing Clarks Desert Rain), then Vybz Kartel make an appearance. Typically, Clarks are painted as boring shoes we wore for school over here which as we all know is utter (Peter) Tosh.

Anyway, it’s another excuse for us to talk about Clarks. They’re on the tip of both their own tongue (literally) and ours at the moment. And for good reason.

Once you’ve watched these two ace videos, you’ll get what I call the ‘Rocky Effect’. You know when you’ve watched Rocky and as the end credits roll, you’re shadow boxing in the euphoria? Well, watching these videos will have you shimming around your living room before settling down to buy some more Wallabees.

Which are in the sale at Clarks, incidentally. Just saying.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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