Classic Camo for Weekend Manoeuvres

TSPTR Camo Coach Jacket
Never a brand shy of referencing a very particular strand of military history, the kings of counterculture know a thing or two about camo. Main man Russ Gater has written for Proper in the distant past, showcasing his magpie eye for the best Vietnam era items. This is based on a classic 1970s era coach jacket, albeit with those blotchy camo patches for when you want the kids to know “I was there, man”.
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Full Count Camo BDU Jacket
Made in Japan by Full Count, this classic U.S camo garment is part of what is known as The Battle Dress Uniform (BDU). It’s ostensibly a camouflaged combat uniform that was used by the United States Armed Forces as their standard combat uniform from the early 1980s to the mid-2000s. It borrows from earlier styles like the M-65 and was introduced to reduce costs and simplify wears. Full Count have adopted this easy-to-wear style and have made it approachable for modern wear offering all the utilitarian uses as military issued garments. 
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Soundman 493M-007P Delaware Jacket Brown Camouflage
Another one crafted in Japan by people who genuinely appreciate craft and a compelling story, the Delaware Jacket is heavily inspired by vintage US Army M1943 uniform jacket. This was originally manufactured in windproof cotton sateen in 1943 to replace inadequate garments and later became the OG-107. 
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Gramicci Wool Camo Pant
Wool camo in arguably the world’s most wearable trouser? What’s not to like? These snug strides will see you through any cold snap while attracting furtive yet admiring glances from onlookers.
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Moncler Grenoble Blanc Jacket Camo
Moving from the heritage reproductions to something unashamedly fashionable, this Moncler Grenoble Blanc jacket boasts to be the epitome of all winter jackets. With a price tag that reassures you they’ve actually put some serious work into it, this is one for camo enthusiasts who want to stand out rather than blend in.
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