Columbia teases Renaissance-inspired shoot with Orienteer Mapazine

Portland’s outdoor favourites Columbia has worked with Urban Outfitters for this season for an exclusive collection that celebrates nature in an unccomon way.

Inspired by Northern European renaissance paintings, the imagery depicts how everyday situations turn into art through the artists’ lens. The shoot plays with composition to highlight the beauty in the mundane, encouraging others to go outside and celebrate local spots. Staying true to Columbia’s purpose of making the outdoors more accessible, the shoot encourages individuals to go outside and celebrate their local nature spot. It’s a message we obviously get behind.

More muted than the JD gear you’ll be familiar with, and boasting natural tones this collection is at ease with itself, something enhanced further by the lads behind the shoot, Orienteer Mapazine who sagely opine the following:-

  “Hiking and the outdoors should be for everyone, leave the gatekeepers to themselves and get outside to enjoy nature! No disturbances or negativity”.

The AW collection will launch at Urban Outfitters in October.

Mark Smith

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