Combating the Cold – Six Balaclavas we actually quite like

It might not feel like it, but Balaclavas are as topical as it gets right now.

Sure, it can get very chilly out there and you could do a lot worse than to don one of these face warming garments. But that’s not where we’re going. The name of this interesting item comes from the Battle of Balaclava which took place as part of the Siege of Sevastopol. As you no doubt know, this was a key point in the Crimean War, as the Allied Forces marched on Sevastopol, taking on all comers and finding plenty of resistance. The bitter cold forced British forces to improvise, and the Balaclava Helmet was born.

In the modern-day, these unique yet necessary items are favoured by everyone from skiing nuts, to hiking nerds, not to mention the good, old-fashioned armed robber.

With the same region once again the source of a fair bit of push and shove, we thought we should share a little history and in doing so point you in the direction of a few balaclavas we quite like the look of.

Corridor Eco Baby Alpaca

Imagine yourself wearing this, posing for a photograph alongside a loved-one, beaming, happy, outside the ruins of a castle in Dorset or somewhere. Corridor would be to blame for this turn of events. Thanks Corridor.

Check it here

Wawwa Recycled Balaclava

Made in Manchester by Wawwa, this will do the trick when we get our annual flurry of snow and all dash into the hills with injection-moulded plastic coffins.

Get one here, they do several colours.

Carhartt WIP Beaumont Mask

Trust Carhartt to do a nice bally. They tend to do everything pretty well. They’re the perennial pretty decent brand aren’t they?

Get it from End

Montbell Down Balaclava

Serious. Taking things up a notch now. Montbell know you’re buying this to keep warm, and as such they’ve ensured you get down.

Get it here.

Maharishi Camo Hemo Facemask

If Carhartt can do it, Maharishi definitely can. Look at the picture. See, told you.

Get one here

Fjallraven Singi Balaclava

Looking inexplicably like some sort of comedy glove puppet this is arguably the best value of the lot, and comes with built in peak. It’ll keep the sun from bouncing off snow and blinding you. Wear it to the football and gain added CCTV resistance. What more could a young man like you want?

Get it now from Yards

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