Combatting the cold – Snow Peak

If you’re one of the legion of Gen Z types who are embracing the outdoors in a slightly different way this week, good on you. It might not be mountaineering but plonking yourself outside a bar or pub is helping nature heal in its own way.

I noticed on my walk home the other night a local bar has taken to handing out large red blankets to their patrons, and in doing so creating a legion of Little Red Riding Hoods. It was quite a sight. What about those more self-aware people who are happy to slowly get drunk in 7 degree weather but would rather cut a dash and look clued up while doing so?

Well, this is where the ultimate cool outdoor brand Snow Peak come in. Our mates over at Parasol have a decent selection of stuff which not only ticks the boxes of outdoor drinkers, but it’ll also aid any al fresco living you fancy doing before we get our week of summer in about September. So whether you’re in desperate need of an affordable yet cool sleeping bag, or you fancy burning some of those wood cuttings from behind the shed without scorching the patio, or maybe you just want to drink something warm and comforting out of a piping hot mug, Snow Peak are the one. There really is no other.

See more at Parasol.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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