Coming very soon : Proper Magazine Issue 11

Yeah yeah we know it’s slightly later than we said it would be, but that’s simply because we’re perfectionists and we wouldn’t want to unleash a mediocre magazine on you.

Here’s our posh press release. You read it here first.

Proper Magazine Issue 11 is finally here.

Focusing on a broad range of subjects that interest the post-modern post-lad, the seeds for Proper Magazine were sown as a homegrown fanzine more than 5 years ago. Now though, it’s all grown up, just like the people who read it.

This second sojourn into magazine territory covers some of Autumn/Winter’s most impressive apparel, interspersed with subjects as diverse as French cartoons, Norwegian food, London’s hidden gems and rare albums you didn’t realise you needed in your life.

But it’s the clothing coverage that is Proper’s strength. Exclusive interviews with the men behind brands like the Swedes Our Legacy, Svensson and Velour stand out, as does a fishing trip with Barbour Beacon designer Tokihito Yoshida and his Mrs.

For the old school, there’s the tale of what went before Yorkshireman Robert Wade-Smith headed to Liverpool via Brussels and how his trainer emporium found itself on the axis of the casual scene in the early 1980s.

There’s intrigue too, as ultra-limited moccasin men Native Craftworks show us around their factory and give us the lowdown on how they manage to make such amazing shoes. We’ve also enlisted the help of a chap called Russ Gater, one of the creative spirits behind renaissance men Heritage Research. He tells us about his obsession with Vietnam era militaria, from rare camouflage to the personal effects of those who fought. See if you can make the link from that to the clothes he designs, because it’s definitely there.

Other brands covered are Kenneth MacKenzie’s 6876 and Vera Footwear.¬†Perry Boys author Ian Hough is also onboard once again.

And finally, Proper Issue 11 marks the launch of a pretty unique opportunity offered to us by the generous experts from an English brand named Private White V.C.

Manufacturing the outerwear for some of our favourite clothing names, their own factory is based a short train ride from Proper HQ. And this is where the magic will happen for one lucky reader. In conjuction with PWVC, Proper are offering you the chance to design and manufacture your own jacket. To enter, all you need to do is tell us in no more than 50 words why you deserve to win. The details of the comp will be revealed in due course but it’s an amazing opportunity that is limited only by your own imagination.

Proper Issue 11 will be available for pre-order later this week and later on from some of our favourite clothing retailers.


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.


  1. peter pan

    I’d actually pay ¬£10 for a copy.

    And tell everyone.

  2. It’s the price of a couple of pints (if that) you tightwad!

  3. peter pan

    Not sure if I’m prepared to pay the grown up price if seven quid.

    Ill just photo copy it at the library.

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