Common People Laundered Panel Shirt

You might have noticed that all this earnest talk of colourways and shirting isn’t really our style on Proper. We’re a bit Northern, we routinely mix people who drink Carling, for God’s sake. It’s fair to say that our outlook on nice clothing differs from some sharp suited Pitti veteran from Vancouver/West London. It therefore shouldn’t come as a surprise that when we came across Common People we identified with the name at least. We’re a bit common ourselves. Well, I am anyway. On any given month I can eat up to two Pot Noodles and I know a lad who used to swear by beans on crumpets for tea. I’ve also seen Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown live. Don’t hate me. It was a long time ago now. *does a silly dance*

Enough about my bad scruff mates though, and look at this shirt. It’s seemingly inspired by an old sepia photo of a QPR shirt, and looks like something a Victorian convict might wear if he wanted to fit in 2013 style. I’d wear it anyway. Maybe you would too?

See more at Stuarts London.


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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