Converse 70’s Chuck Taylor – Past and Present

In a previous life, I got through well over 100 pairs of adidas. I lost count because in modern parlance, I flipped them a lot. I sold them on to pay for new ones basically. Did I say ‘flipped’ right, kids? Who cares. Anyway, let’s say I had 120 pairs of adidas, for arguments sake. That’s 12 stripes per pair. Six per shoe. Three on each side. I’ve been through 1440 stripes. Good that isn’t it?

Eventually, when I realised I had several pairs of the same shoe from various different points in the passage of time, I decided it was probably time to get rid of some.

Around about the time I decided I’d had my fill of Germanic sports footwear (for now), a pair of Converse found favour with my feet. I felt compelled to grow up, be more understated, less of a hashtag casual if the truth be known. I’m over it now, and I’m not fussed about brand loyalty or being a massive completist for a certain type of footwear. But having tried all the available options I’m left with an appreciation for lots, right across the board. If I want to wear something with a European city in gold on the site, I will. If I fancy looking like a hipster on his way to the gym, there are many opportunities out there right now. But if I want to look like I’m sitting pretty at the top of the Ivy League, there can only really be Converse.

Ming from Birmingham clothing institution Atoo got in touch with us earlier today to share these great photos. He likes Converse too. In fact, he’s always liked them. When the new 70’s Chuck Taylor tipped up he was compelled to raid his loft and demand a special photoshoot comparing the originals and the new ones. To me, they both look just smashing.

You can get the new pair from Atoo, surprisingly enough. You should too because the clocks go back (or forward, I can never remember) next week which means it’ll be lighter longer and eventually, if we’re lucky it’ll be sunny. And a canvas pump in the sun is pretty much the law isn’t it?

Converse '70s Chucks Old v New-1
Converse '70s Chucks Old v New-2
Converse '70s Chucks Old v New-3

Converse '70s Chucks Old v New-4
Converse '70s Chucks Old v New-5
Converse '70s Chucks Old v New-6


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