Converse Jack Crepe

Ever wondered what a pair of shoes would look like if they were modelled on a bumper car? 

What do you mean “No, I haven’t actually!”

Smartarse. I have. I’m odd like that.

Anyway, if anyone was going to come up with something of that ilk it’d be Converse. Their Jack Purcell already sort of has that look down, albeit with canvas and rubber. It doesn’t matter that they’re ostensibly a badminton (pronounced “badmington”) shoe, the addition of a crepe sole makes these ideal for the bumper car look.

I might just buy them to wear all summer. School run, holiday, coffee shop, pub. And if anyone tells me they look a bit weird I’ll make a dead loud “Vroom, vroom” sound and run into them really quickly.

Get them at Oi Polloi (where else?)









Mark Smith

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