côte&ciel Launch a Melancholy Inspired AW21 Collection

côte&ciel was founded in the French capital in 2008. If your GCSE French hasn’t carried forward enough to know what it means, it’s Coast and Sky. As you’d expect from a French brand, there’s meaning in this, the theory going that the coast and sky meet on the horizon, and in the horizon there is the romantic notion of infinity. Anything is possible.

It’s a bit of me though, this. We’re at the end of summer, when the nights begin to draw in and those sticky nights we’ve suffered are gone until 2022. As autumn starts to crack its knuckles, a melancholy mood sets in and it’s from this feeling where côte&ciel has drawn their inspiration. 

For AW21 a singular colour palette of coastal, deep and nocturnal blue washes across the entire range, enveloping flagship styles such as the ISAR, ISARAU, TYCHO and MOSELLE like the dusk tide enshrouds the shoreline. The brands petit accessories have also been caught in this undercurrent, with styles such as ADDA, ORNE and ORBA being draped in this continued expanse of azure. 

You can shop the limited collection online at and in-Store at select Retailers across the globe.

See the full range now at

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