CP Company Lightweight Goggle Jacket

“What’ve you got them glasses on your coat for?”

“To do your head in, mate”

I’m 36 this year. I know, I don’t look it. The last two people I asked to guess my age said I looked “about 28 or 29”. They were probably being nice. I’ve got grey hairs now. Everywhere.

Enough of my vanity and insecurities though. This is THE coat isn’t it? Casually speaking. At 35 and  a half, with grey hairs aplenty, is it too late for me to sport this around town?

No, is it fuckers like.

Wear what you want, when you want, especially if it makes people go “What’s all that about?”

That’s the point isn’t it? Without wanting to sound like one of those introspective bores you read about on other websites, if we all threw on a pair of generic jeans and t-shirt, we’d be well boring.

I could play Goggle Jacket bingo with myself here… Osti, innovator, Mille Miglia… erm… pioneer… er… You know all that though don’t you. CP Company themselves aren’t quite so hot on it though, as their own website refers to it as a “google jacket”.

I’m not sure what my point is here. But like everything I post on this site, I’d wear this until I could wear it no more. CP Company should hire me to write about it like a grown up, then pay me in coats.

I’d like that. I’d like that a lot.

In the meantime, go and buy this from Triads because they’re really nice.

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