CREEP AW14 Preview

Creep AW14 Look Book-14

Hands up who’s started thinking about big jackets already? Yeah me too. Summer is great and all that but for jacket geeks like me and thee nothing beats the magic of pulling out your puffer once it’s officially ‘cold’. So to satiate this odd appetite for the early arrival of inclement weather we present you with a taste of the frozen future via our top mates at Creep. And oh what a surprise, it’s all proper amazing. Hey Summer, piss of will you? We’ve got some dead nice coats that need wearing here.

Creep AW14 Look Book-13

Creep AW14 Look Book-11

Creep AW14 Look Book-10

Creep AW14 Look Book-9

Creep AW14 Look Book-8

Creep AW14 Look Book-7

Creep AW14 Look Book-6

Creep AW14 Look Book-4

Creep AW14 Look Book-3


  1. I take it all the garms are Creep? I’m taken by the strides, they look dead comfortable.

  2. Neil Summers

    Atoo (Birmingham)
    By Cloth (online)
    Crnfrd (online)
    Original Attire (online)
    Present (London)
    Thread (Brighton)

  3. rob devlin

    Glad its not just me that pines for winter….whose stocking this stuff….need the orange one for that fargo look..

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