Cult Heroes – Win the World Cup with Hentsch Man


So, it’s started then?

We’re all suffering from the early stages of World Cup fever, which will no doubt reach epic proportions by the time England have scored a goal or even won a game. Apart from at Hentsch Man, where the owner and designer Alexia Hentsch will be rooting for Neymar and co.

Hentsch Man being a brand from a Brazilian background means it made perfect sense when they got in touch to run this competition.

We’re giving away three pairs of their football shorts to three lucky winners. Well, Hentsch Man are. The shorts are the perfect alternative for lads like us who may just get away with donning the official replica shorts, but perhaps want something a bit more refined. The sort of shorts you could also go swimming in. Or at least drunkenly fall into the paddling pool.

All you’ve got to do is nominate your World Cup cult hero in the comments below, and say why they stand out as the best. Personal memories, haircut admiration and reference to how they wore their socks all welcome. That’s the kind of stuff we’re after.

The comp runs for a week, we’ll announce the trio of fortunate football fellas (or girls, they’re allowed to have a go too) next Friday.

Enter as many times as you like.

Check the shorts out here.


Oh, the smallprint.

Please note, these are on sale and while stock is currently available in all colours and sizes, there’s a chance they might not be when the competition ends. So if you win, you might have to compromise. Probably not though. Just so you know…

Mark Smith

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  1. I will go to watch and cheer even I know U22 Cambodia will be bring No 5 to home in 6 countries. cos the last game with laos, laos is stnorg enough to fall Cambodia. Cambodia sooooooooooooooooooo 0

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