Deliveroo announces Grub Crawl Promo

Since lockdown, I really do dread to think quite how much money I’ve spent on Deliveroo. It’s just all so convenient isn’t it? Why spend time making food that isn’t as good as you can get delivered to your door? Ok, so I’m not always in a position to step above the end of month beans of toast fest, but still, it’s a great option to have, especially when you work long hours.

Anyway, normally we’d not cover this sort of thing, but we saw this and thought why not? Their new promo entitled Grub Crawl is offfering uni students across the UK free food tours of their city, across September/October.

A twist on the classic pub crawl enjoyed by many freshers, the pedal bike tours will be coming to key student cities including Edinburgh, Manchester and Leeds, as a way to make new friends and experience the variety of restaurants on offer, without paying a penny. 

There’s some pretty compelling research that shows making friends is the main concern of freshers around about now, so how better to do that than sharing a bit of scran.

If this is as relevant to your interests as it is ours, get involved by heading hereĀ 

Deliveroo launches The Grub Crawl: free foodie tours across Leeds, Edinburgh, Manchester and Bristol, to help students make new mates while grabbing a bite to eat. The Grub Crawl has been created to celebrate the launch of Deliveroo Students, a new club available exclusively for students, offering a range of benefits including free delivery across the uni year and exclusive discounts with major retailers.
Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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