Diadora and HANON celebrate iconic Scottish football moment

HANON and Diadora are reuniting for another niche collaboration that celebrates both football and trainer culture in a way only HANON seem to know how.

Taking the iconic moment when James McFadden netted a notorious 2007 World Cup goal, the collaboration evokes memories of 12th September, 2007, when Scotland faced France in Paris. McFadden’s 67th minute strike was the mark of an underdog often associated with Scottish sport and worthy of being honoured by HANON and Diadora’s “Glorious Moments” Pack.

In addition, HANON and Diadora have created a unique shirt inspired by Scotland’s 2007 away kit.

The HANON x Diadora “Glorious Moments” Pack will launch via a HANON online raffle. It is open for sign-up now but closes imminently.

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