Diamond Supply Co. Summer ’15

Imagine if loads of scallies from 1998 won the pools (was the lottery even going back then?), bought a time machine, fast-forwarded to 2015, then traded their Delorean in for a massive yacht.

This is that. That is this.

Diamond Supply Co. make some nice stuff. Interesting stuff that appeals to the North West DNA running through my slowly-clogging veins. Not sure if it’s meant to but it does. The SS15 first drop also gives me a chance to wheel out old phrases like ‘Nautical but Nice’ and ‘Moss Side meets Seaside’.

Above all else it’s a vibrant collection of seasonal seawear. I can see myself pushing a pram along a pier in that jacket with all the flags on the arm. Yes, that’s me, SS15 style.

Get it next month. Find out where by listening to the shipping forecast and consulting with your compass. Or just googling it.


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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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