Dickies 873 Slim Fit Work Pants

Your Dad may don Dickies as he potters about his shed or cleans the gutters, but your work is probably of a different nature. As someone who grew up struggling with DIY a bit, I now try and get a man in wherever possible. Or failing that, just get the Mrs to do it. Any foray into working clothes tends to be an imagined one rather than a need for hard wearing slacks to support my tough task.

On the other hand, working is different these days. The purposes for which these Dickies work pants were invented are perhaps now changed forever. And while they were invented with work in mind, it’s a different type of work they’re employed in these days.

At forty five queens, you can’t go wrong with these. You can roll them up at the bottom to show you’re wearing them because they’re just nice, and really accentuate you’re not someone who is good at putting up shelves. That’s what I’ll do.

Check them out here.

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