Dickies Randondo Chore Coat

When I first had my head turned by this coat, its name put me in mind of the wily left footed Argentine midfielder who played for Real Madrid. Redondo. Remember him? Of course you don’t, you only got into football recently didn’t you, you bad hipster nobhead.

Sorry, that was a bit angry wasn’t it? I’m supposed to be saying nice things about a nice coat. It shouldn’t come across like it’s a chore. Ha! See what I did there?

I’ll be serious now.

The thing with Dickies is it’s one of those brands which is both cool as fuck and also massively popular. The two rarely meet. Levi’s, Clarks and a few sportswear brands can boast similar. They’re mass market and yet remain niche. You probably have an uncle or a friend who works on a building site wearing Dickies and maybe that puts you in two minds about wearing their other clothing. Why should it though? It should be seen as evidence that the brand has shitloads more integrity as a genuine workwear brand than most of the so-called workwear brands most people favour. People actually work in Dickies, just as they did right at the start. And not in a “I’m a web designer and I’m wearing Levi’s so it’s still workwear really” way, but in a “I’m digging a massive hole and I’m going to go home and eat sandwiches with dirty hands” way.

This chore coat is as cool as the classy South American midfielder it is almost named after.  The cotton canvas and corduroy combo is more than just fancy alliteration. They’re words that fit together as much as the actual fabrics do. Unlike many of the workwear trendy type brands (many of which, to be fair, have their merits), this isn’t going to help your wallet lose weight. That is to say it’s not going to cost you loads. Just £100 for a no nonsense, honest coat, fit for all seasons (as long as those seasons aren’t too hot or too cold). And from a brand which has more history and provenance than a David Dickinson heirloom. Kind of goes with his face too. Tanned.

Get one here.

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