Dickies Washington Crew Neck

It’s coming up to that time of year when a walk wearing wool is probably a bridge too far but just a t-shirt is a bit premature. As a result, a proper nice athletic crew neck is a good halfway house. In truth though, there’s never a bad time to wear this sort of thing.

In these times of trendy (and often bang on the money) workwear, Dickies are perhaps the only brand with true workwear provenance. And yet I’ve seen people dismiss them, saying “But I know lads who wear it for actual work”. Well, surely that’s the point? Plus, we’re all clued up enough to realise what your mate wears on site is totally different tackle to what you’d wear while self-consciously downing a posh coffee during a close season shopping trip, right?

These Washington Crew Necks touch two bases. That’s not some dark, sex code, but a reference to the fact that a) They’re from a good solid brand with time served credentials to tell you it’ll be well made stuff and b) It’s just well made stuff.

Oh and c) At £40 the scope for finding something to moan about just isn’t there. What re you waiting for then?

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Mark Smith

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