Duffer of St George Canada Rucksack

It’s a weird time of year for buying stuff. It’s like roulette or something. Do you step in and grab something at full price, just in case it sells out when it goes into the sale? Do you wait until further reductions? Or do you wistfully see things heavily discounted which you really like but still can’t afford?

It’s certainly not the time for buying anything at full price is it?

Well, you’re wrong. If we’re talking about decent value for money, this Duffer rucksack doesn’t need a big massive 50% off sticker slapped on it to tick that box.

Available from your friendly neighbourhood JD Sports (or online via the link below) it’s top value just like the rest of their range. You’re going to need something to carry all those socks and Lynx Africa shower gel sets anyway aren’t you?


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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