Duffer of St George – Vintage Beaver Sweat

Ok so we’d all like to be rocking about in t-shirts and shorts, but this being the UK that’s not possible at the moment. The prolonged downpour has quite literally put a dampener on things. Along with the wetness, it’s hardly cracking the flags either so along with your cagoule or pac-a-mac, how about a new sweat from a brand who know the score? Take a break from hearing about flood warnings and get yourself kitted out with a nice bit of versatile prep.

Bringing back original designs that made the brand synonymous with British street style Duffer have delved into the vaults to bring you this Vintage Beaver sweat crew and Tee.

Influenced by the preppy colleges from the U.S 1960’s period capturing the essence and humour of each graphic.

Using the authentic cotton marl fabric, detailing and styling from this classic period. It’s just a great affordable sweat and ideal to throw on while the weather can’t decide whether to make up its name or not.

Available in blue or pink marl here –

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