Duffer Selvedge Denim

You can’t move in London for members of the Duffer family. People who have worked for the brand over the years seem to be everywhere… Well, it certainly seems that way to infrequent visitors from the provinces like what we is. There’s a reason for that though. The influence of Duffer is far-reaching.

Founded in 1984 on Portobello Market, The Duffer Of St George began life importing classic Ivy and Americana pieces to the movers and shakers of London. 

Times have changed and The Duffer Of St George has changed with them. But the desire for these iconic classic items still persists. Still with all things American, Varsity and casual at heart, Duffer has returned with their take on the classic 5 pocket Selvedge denim jeans.

Wearable, versatile and importantly, affordable at just £49.99.

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Mark Smith

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