Duffer SS13 Lookbook

Only doing another Duffer post aren’t I? I’ve done a few of these this year and for good reason. Or should that be with good reason? I don’t know. You tell me. I’m rambling. I’m rambling because there’s not much I can say about Duffer than I’ve not already said. It’s Duffer, everyone knows Duffer. Should I say Duffer again? Duffer. There I said it.

Seriously though, it’s the same iconic stuff they have already excelled at but at a price that make you rub your eyes a couple of times and with a contemporary nod. Streetwear Heritage. Street Heritage. Streritage?

_DSC0210_72DPI _DSC0244_72DPI _DSC0314_72dpi _DSC1097_72DPI _DSC9840_72DPI _DSC9924_72DPI DUFFER_1 DUFFER_2 JD DUFFER AD NME 19.3.13

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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