Dunderdon Field Jacket

Dunderdon. Strange name. It’s like the name of a character in World or Warcraft or maybe a Scottish folk hero with hands like shovels. Or maybe I’m thinking too much about it.

Another thing I’m thinking too much about is this jacket from the Swedish workwear brand. I’ve had my eye on their stuff for a while, though I can’t boast to have been on it as long as some. Dunderdon has been around since 1997, around the time I reluctantly retired my spacehopper, began a diet coke addiction that lasts to this day, and realised pop tarts were well pov.

While fizzy, sugar free drinks are an obsession, so is this parka. I’ve got an Engineered Garments field jacket in black that I love. I can’t justify another. Can I?


Well, when it looks like something Zlatan Ibrahimovic would wear to go headband/haribo shopping, maybe I can make an exception.

Available from The Original Store.


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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  1. Mark,
    You have to split the word Dunderdon in two, where dunder is thunder in swedish and don is stuff / things / gear / gadgets. So Dunderdon is really thunderstuff in english.
    PS, Dunder can also be an old-school slang word for something really great.

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