Eastpak Olympics Special Padded Pak’r

EK620 Brazil

To celebrate the forthcoming Olympic Games in Rio those backpack makers extraordinaire Eastpak have created a limited edition version of their Pak’r bag, which itself is something of a gold medallist in the global backpack games. Not that they exist but imagine if they did? I have no idea what would go on but I’m sure it would be very exciting and there’d probably be loads of skateboarding involved too. Anyway, yeah, where was I? Brazil, yeah that’s right. Look at this ace bag though, it’s got Christ the Redeemer on it, Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio carnival party vibes aplenty and the entire cast of City of God have signed it. OK I made that last bit up but it’s a bag and a half innit? I can’t wait for that opening ceremony now….



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