Easymoc Footwear lands at Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi aren’t finished just yet. Their propensity for uncovering brands you like, but can’t remember having seen before remains intact. The latest in a long line of smart footwear offerings in this vein is Easymoc, a Maine, USA-based brand that boldly state they’re ‘made for a good time’.

They also say the following:-

A vintage Ford Bronco with shearling seatcovers. That pair of handmade, sun-faded adirondack chairs out on the deck. Your old man’s ’64 Boston Whaler, still revered as the unsinkable legend. These things bring us back to simpler times. They were created with careful intention and designed to be well-loved, and last.

That all sounds distinctly American and doesn’t resonate one bit with my dour English sensibilities, but then, that’s the point isn’t it? You’re buying a slice of the star spangled banner when you buy these shoes. They’re handsewn moccasins FFS, they couldn’t be more entrenched in U.S culture.

Three options exist currently at Oi Polloi, across two styles. The Trooper Moc comes in suede and leather, and looks perfect for affecting the look of a transatlantic playboy, or maybe one of those cockneys who talk too loudly in Spanish resorts. The Scout Boot is more substantial, a lovely shape and although it’ll serve you well on your trample through the forest with the dog, it’s probably more at home on your feet as they rest on a bench in a beer garden.

Take a closer look at Oi Polloi now. Or if not now, really soon, please.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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