ELEMIS S.O.S.Survival Cream

IMPORTANT NEWS FACE FANS…… I don’t know about you but at this time of year my face seems to take as much of a battering as my wallet. In fact unless you opt for a balaclava (which can prove awkward when entering post offices or attending parent’s evenings) or choose to become agoraphobic, the harsh climate is guaranteed to result in your face looking like a battered wallet. Fortunately I have discovered the remedy to this facial ruination in the form of Elemis’ S.O.S. Survival cream. Not only do I like the fact that they’ve made it both look and sound like an essential piece of Special Forces kit but after one quick dabble it’s also appears to have taken years off my weather-beaten dial. It contains myrrh tool, so if it’s good enough for baby Jesus, it’s good enough for you. I’ve now added this to my Elemis armoury, alongside their Daily Moisture Boost, Post Shave recovery mask and Deodorant Bazooka (I made that last one up). Now all I need to do is remove the battery from the doorbell, find something to protect my liver from hard-core sherry abuse and I’ll be all set for the onslaught of winter!

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