Elmer gloves – helping hands since 1893

I swear we just had the first few flakes of snow here in our North West England base. We’re very much making the sartorial switch to what we call Proper Winter.

With this in mind, we thought it was a good point at which to introduce you to one of the oldest brands we’ve ever written about. Elmer is a brand steeped in history. Founded by Elmer Little in 1893 in Gloversville, NY, Elmer benefited from an established glove-making community in the fittingly named area. According to my hastily acquired research, the English glove company Dents took its own expertise stateside and helped establish this industry.

The proximity of hemlock forests to supply bark for tanning made the area a center of leather production early in its history. In 1852 there were said to already be more than 40 small glove and mitten factories there. In the first half of the 20th century around 90% of all gloves sold in the U.S were made right there in Gloversville.

Today, as we begin to embrace the great outdoors once again, brands like Elmer will find a new audience, keen to associate with that history and time-served expertise. Sure, you can lay out a few quid for a pair of nondescript gloves, but if you’re anything like us, the only way to do things is properly.

Not many brands who began 128 years ago still remain to this day, and it’s testament to their craft that they’re still finding new fans in need of a little helping hand when the weather takes a turn.

Available from several places, but here’s a link to Liquor Store.

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