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It’s early October and although I’ve so far resisted putting the heating on (apart from to dry my undies, obvs), it’s fair to say I’m expecting some seasonal sadness soon. Proper mard misery. It doesn’t help when horrible twats like Farage and Trump are dominating the news. Yeah, I said twats.

Just in time though, a Japanese fella by way of New York is here to save me and you too. One of the few joys that comes from it getting darker and colder is big coat weather. Farage and Trump both almost certainly wear awful outerwear, but while their sartorial influence may be weak, the former has a lot to answer for when it comes to our quids. The price of Engineered Garments is still better value than most. Every jacket I’ve had of theirs has been tremendous and long-lasting. But it irks me a bit that the likes of Nigel (not the Oi Polloi one) have farted about with our politics so much the pound is now just as feebleĀ as his style habits.

So while I comfort myself with loads of chocolate, a hot bath and a chick-flick, I’ll leave you to ponder your political choices and how it could hit you in the pocket this fall. Luckily, in Engineered Garments know all about pockets and this – arguably the strongest season for a while – will have you smashing pot pigs and living off beans on toast this month.

Happy Autumn, guys!

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