Engineered Garments Aviator Jacket

I’m not what you’d call a frequent flyer. I’ve probably been on a plane journey (which I’m assured sky stalwarts call ‘a flight’) less than 20 times in my life. The amount of flying hours I’ve amassed in my lifetime are roughly on a par with the amount of hours I spend during any given week thinking about beans on toast.

And yet, like any Oi Polloi Deck Out subject I’m a knowing fraud, because despite my lack of air miles, I’d have no problem pretending to be a superĀ ace pilot, like him off Top Gun. This Engineered Garments Aviator is Daiki’s take on the timeless MA-1 flight jacket and I think I want to elope with it.

It’s available in two colours, both of which I’d leave my Mrs for. Get yours from Oi Polloi.

EngineeredGarments1401-05-02 EngineeredGarments1401-06-02

Mark Smith

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