Engineered Garments AW15

When you design clothes inspired by the past, it must be hard to stay continually fresh. Engineered Garments seem to manage it without trying though. The Hip Store have just unwrapped their latest installment of stateside suave and guess what? It’s dead good, just like it always is.

With a raft of tees and a Harrington that looks like something Kevin Costner would have worn if Waterworld was set in a 1980s ska gig, it’s typically high end and made to last.

As someone who has had (and still has) various forms of their parka, I can’t advocate them enough. And this season sees another must-have hooded gem, with more pockets than a massive pool table. One on steroids. What I’m saying is it has quite a few pockets, just like a pool table would if it also had quite a few pockets.

Where was I?

You don’t need more clumsy puns from me. What you need is your credit/debit card and space for some of that stateside suave in your wardrobe.

Click here to see the whole lot.

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