Engineered Garments Light Parka in Light Blue

How long is it since Engineered Garments appeared on the scene? Feels like it could be 4 years or 15 years. I can’t quite place it. Well, not 4 years, but it still feels pretty recent doesn’t it?

Returning to the colours which I remember seeing in their first mountain parkas, back in the old Oi Polloi, they’ve flipped the construction to introduce a bit of future shell suit steez to the mix. The Light Parka is a bit longer than your usual parkas too, meaning you’ll be adequately sheltered from any light winds our English summer has to throw at you, and in addition, it’s probably showerproof too. Probably. As Oi Polloi themselves remark, it is to be worn in settings when you wouldn’t normally be reaching for a parka, such is the super light properties of its nylon fabric.

The clincher for me is that unlike the navy mountain parka I bought ages ago, this is a more vibrant hue and as such, you could probably wear it to cut the hedge around dusk, yet still remain visible, and therefore safe.

EG-210316-09-02 EG-210316-09-03

Mark Smith

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