Engineered Garments SS13

Lazy post-Christmas reblogging is where I’m at right now and I don’t give a festive fig what you think of that.

These shots of the soon-to-be-available-in-a-dead-good-shop-near-you Engineered Garments Spring/Summer collection were nicked off the Nepenthes tumblr. I don’t feel quite as lazy or guilty then, after all the whole point of tumblr is to reblog stuff isn’t it? At least I’m having the good grace to add some of my own words to it, even if they are a bit pointless.

Now if you don’t mind, there’s another tin of Quality Street to finish. I’ve grown quite fond of my heartburn this last week or so and it needs to be maintained.

Happy New Year by the way.

More pics over at the EG tumblr site.


Mark Smith

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