ewing-33-hi-purple-3Hands up if you got a bit of a lump in your throat after casting eyes on these bad boys? Though I never owned a pair of Ewing 33 hi-tops I do remember seeing really cool raggamuffin type youths sporting them in the Face magazine/whilst going berserk on BBC2’s Dance Energy and thinking to myself ‘”Yes I like those rave friendly basketball boots with their reversible ankle strap that can be worn at the front or the back.” A real zeitgeist of a trainer if ever there were one, the colour purple was everywhere back in 1989/90 as well wasn’t it? From Whoopi Goldberg and wallabees to Prince and the purple ohms we were necking, everything seemed to be fully plummed up didn’t it? This particular hue is known as ‘Parachute Purple’ which for some reason instantly transports me back to a Wednesday night Hip-hop basement bash at Manchester’s cosy Precinct 13 where Double Goose jackets, Champion sweat pants and Ghostly Haberdashery jumpers were also the order of the day. Sadly my days of mid-week raving along to Rakim and co. are well and truly over but my fascination for fruit flavoured footwear continues. So if anyone needs me I’ll be upstairs with my new purple Ewings on, giving myself a flat top with the wife’s lady shave whilst simultaneously doing Black Power salutes along to ‘Fight the Power‘.
Available from: SIZE?, Good Will Out, Snipes, Crooked Tongues, Camori, Soleheaven & End Clothing 


  1. Neil Summers

    Me too, I had a pale blue one with ‘pre-spermin threads’ on it and a burgundy number too. Spliffy ruined it all.

  2. What I wouldn’t give for my ghostly haberdashery sweatshirt and jacket.

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