Faith Magazine x Original Store ‘Black Cowboy’ T-shirts

Avid Proper Magazine readers will have noted our past (and current) appreciation for Terry Farley/Faith and a very smart online shop called the original store.

As such we’re bang into this little collaboration between the two. Featuring a mix CD by Faith’s and Boys Own Terry Farley and Jimmy P, it’s another very limited edition t-shirt project between the two. With rather noticable strains of acid house seemingly wafting under our noses of late, it would seem a good time for the originators to tap back into that spirit and do something new.

Terry Farley sums it up better than we could:-

The disturbed world that is Faithfanzine has a bi-polar outlook on life. We see things differently from just about everyone else out there, from obsessions with House music graffitti on central London bus shelters, collectiong rare Ron Hardy teapot sets, to the legend that is Black Cowboys. House music started over a hundred years ago in Texas when, after a hard day’s graft on the range’ the Black Cowboys would dance around a camp fire with gay abandon to the beat of a kick drum being struck on a wagon wheel (not the chocolate kind). The Black Cowboy t-shirt was a tribute to those pioneers whose influence we still tip our hats to today.

The t-shirts are available in three colours- white, blue and grey from:-
Mark Smith

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