Favourite Fives : Adam Creed

I’ve got to know Adam Creed pretty well recently,  even if it has been via the gift of the telephone and electronic mail. Nobody actually meets face to face now anyway do they?

The chief orchestrator of Uniformes Generale is a man who knows his own mind and is as passionate about the things he likes as anyone I’ve ever (never) met. He also likes to occasionally do my head in, just to keep me on my toes, most recently when he decided to break the mould of our favourite five format by not only sending us a top six, but also just choosing six things he likes.

Here are his choices. If they resonate in any way at all, head over to the UG website, where sartorial sights of a similar style await. You even get 10% off your first order.


Jaguar D type:

One of the most beautifully natural shapes in engineering. Designed by Malcolm Sawyer, but inspired the legendary owner of Jaguar, Sir William Lyons, who was the son of an Irish immigrant. It is said he used to hand model all his designs in his garden at Wappenbury Hall, as kids from the village stood on boxes to get a glimpse over the garden wall of the master at work.

I’m always inspired by people who come from nothing and achieve so much in one lifetime, incredible.

The structure of the D was radically different. The innovative monocoque construction brought aviation industry technology to competition car design, together with an aeronautical understanding of aerodynamic efficiency. It was also the first racing machine to use disc brakes and it totally destroyed the opposition. D-Types won the Le Mans 24-hour race in 1955, 1956 and 1957. The mad thing is that these cars did around 180mph, which compared even to anything today is impressive.


The Eames DKW Chair

Again I feel that this is one of the absolutely pinnacles of design. For me it never dates and its simplicity and engineering approach is probably what attracts me to it. This one is particularly nice with its tan leather cover. I was just saying to someone the other day it would be great to be able to afford original items such as these, because it’s going to be worth more after you’ve owned it for a year then when you bought it. You know when that’s the case you’re dealing in timeless classics.


C.P Company Mille Miglia Jacket

You’ve probably heard the history before, but if you haven’t… In 1988, C.P. Company sponsored the Mille Miglia, one of the most prestigious vintage car races in the world. Massimo Osti, the innovator of Italian Sportswear had been collecting and studying protective hoods worn by the Japanese Civil Defence, and he got pretty excited about the idea of making a jacket with lenses sewn into the fabric. The version of the Goggle jacket used for the 1988 edition of the Mille Miglia car race was constructed from a simple beige fabric and featured the race logo printed in red on the pocket flap. It is from this version that the jacket model takes its unofficial nickname “MILLE MIGLIA”. So now you know.

For me though, this is just functional, timeless, and aesthetically bold. This jacket has become a symbol of C.P. Company’s creativity, and has been produced in endless variations ever since 1988. A true classic in the outerwear stakes.

Brazilian Modern-Architecture-of-Paraty-House

Brazilian Modern-Architecture-of-Paraty-House.

If you’ve been following our blog or checking us out in instagram (@unfrmsgnrl), it’s possible you’ll be sick to death of hearing about how much I love Modernist architecture. It’s probably something to do with being a massive fan of Thunderbirds. Anyway Brazil is a a mecca for this type of thing and the Paraty House for me is the ultimate.


Visvim Canoe mocassin

Visvim for me is one of the finest menswear brands on the planet. On certain days I would probably say it’s outright the best. I think the concepts, understanding of colour & the quality of materials, construction and finishing are second to none.

Everything they tackle they absolutely own, be it rucksacks, outerwear, shirts, gloves or shoes, they are the best. It’s the approach and quality of one of the finest most expensive traditional brands in the world, but with the looks and feel of the ultimate street/terrace brand.

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