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Everyone knows hiking got a pretty hefty boost in popularity during the pandemic. This in turn led to an increased appreciation not just for gear that works, but also how it looks, and whether it can be worn in everyday life. Maybe the whole GORP trend was in the post anyway, but there was a definite shift towards more active lifestyles post-2020 and the clothing built for that sort of thing got more eyes on it.

In that time, Andrew Josty became a prominent member of a growing community for whom the outdoors provided solace, purpose and community. The algorithm continued to shapeshift, showing us more of the stuff it thought we liked and the name Josty was rarely too far away from said content.

Having cut his teeth previously in marketing, he combined his love for the outdoors with his career, with a spell at Craghoppers. And since the latter part of 2023 he’s been working with an agency that specialises in those active lifestyles we mentioned – All Conditions Media. Through this, he gets to be around some of the world’s most prominent outdoor brands. For some, Arc’teryx is simply the latest trendy jacket they have to own, but Josty is a doer, to the point where his day job involves working with the boney bird. Instagram is full of people jumping on trends, but it’s Josty’s way of life. Anyway, enough context. We just thought he’d make a nice subject for the first Favourite Five in a while. Expect more of this sort of thing.

Favourite hike 

It’s pretty hard to choose from! I was getting out in the Lakes a lot in summer last year. If I had to pick one though it would be the Common Ground sunrise hike we did up Pen Yr Ole Wen in North Wales. We left a bit later than planned so didn’t quite make it to the top for sunrise, however when we did summit we were treated to some amazing views.

Favourite film

Has to be Lords of Dog Town. Pretty sure I watched it 13 days in a row once. My first tattoo was actually inspired by the logo, haven’t watched in a while actually. Might whack it on tonight.

Favourite Jacket

At the moment it’s got to be my atom hoody, nice and simple and keeps you warm. What more do you want? Honourable mention goes out to my Welter Experiment jacket though, taped seams out the outside of the jacket goes crazy.

Favourite festival 

I actually love music festivals, there really is no place like them. For me it’s Boomtown, that place is just something else, it’s not just a festival, it’s an immersive experience. I could chat shit about a load of different story’s from that festival but they all just sound a bit like a crazy acid trip. Let’s just say they involve an old people’s home, pirates, the job center and singing Backstreet Boys about 100 times.

Favourite trail snack 

Now the obvious answer here is to say GORP, but have you ever tried Mr Patels Pies out on the hills? They are banging. 

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