Favourite Fives : Anthony Todd

In these times of austerity it seems people are turning one way or the other. Either they’re setting their sights low or setting them high. Low, and it leads to the murky world or Primark parkas and a diet that leads to the shits. High and you’re spending what little spare cash you’ve got on something you know will last you so long, it’s an investment in the end.

The latter has led to all manner of proper artisan types getting back to their roots and making amazing stuff for people who want their pound to stretch further. Anthony Todd is amongst that group. He makes jewellery and leather stuff in his own workshop, echoing back to a time when mass production and factories were unheard of. The past plays a part but the present is where you’ll find his wares, on the internet at

To see what makes him tick, get on his Favourite Five.

Many many things interest me and across a huge spectrum whether celluloid, paint or sculpture however, the one thing that really does it is something that has involved a huge level of physical effort, real toil! I also have a short attention span so anything that grabs me has to really say something. The image shown is a huge worked metal panel, I would like to think that this is an annealed piece of copper but it’s more likely to be a brass or bronze casting because of the definition of the letters. It really appeals to the metal worker in me especially the attention to detail. The picture only shows a small section and the work involved must have taken some time and a huge amount of skill from both the artist and the metal worker.


I don’t get much time to sit and listen sadly and my moment was a fair few years after Lou Reed RIP but go listen to Beautiful Day, smile and remember a man who created a new direction and took more drugs than was humanly possible.



Harris Tweed and Donegal Tweed…’s almost a living part of the landscape I mean why wouldn’t you, you can still pick the rough bits of lint out of the fabric, it’s as itching as hell but what self respecting man doesn’t like a good scratch!! Give me some Cabourn and give me some Tweed please.


Clothing 1

I should really have something that’s too cool for school but ‘Books = Reference Material,’ for me and I have a huge collection to draw from. Simplicity and attention to detail are the things that flick my switch, it’s as Mies Van der Rohe stated God is in the detail..those guys that founded Bauhaus had vision that still inspires all interior designer today and will continue to do so way into the future….my book choice is Schmuck-Design Der Moderne it’s my favourite point of reference.

Food, Pho, if you haven’t had it….go get it.


Travel well people.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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