Favourite Fives: David Keyte

One of the first people we asked to do us a Favourite Five was our old chum David of Universal Works. Unfortunately, he’s been too busy travelling to New York while watching Batman 3. His words not ours.

Anyway, he began by telling us…

“As with all things in my life my favourite seems to change on a regular basis, apart from the wife and my football team, although I am on my second wife!”

A good start. Here’s his Favourite Five.

Item of Clothing

Right now I am in love with my Harris Tweed jacket, its an indigo blue we did for this winter, but then last week it was a baseball hat I got from a friend in the states.

The long term favourite is probably a new pair of SOCKS, if ever I got rich I would have new socks on a daily basis, not very environmentally good but I would love that new sock feeling each morning.


I need to read more, for sure, I love the writings of J.M Coetzee, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, David Sedaris and Margaret Atwood. DOWN AND OUT IN LONDON AND PARIS by George Orwell had a huge effect on me and my politics as a teenager. My recent favourite is from another of my favourite authors Haruki Murakami, the Japanese writer, his recent thoughts on running WHAT I TALK ABOUT WHEN I TALK ABOUT RUNNING, I loved.


This one really does change daily (or even hourly),  favourites would be anything by the Clash, Jonathan Richman, early Simon and Garfunkel and to dance to anything played at Wigan Casino. My most recently purchased music was a track by Mumford and Sons. Right now I am listening my current favourite (of this hour at leat), which is BOBBY WOMACK’s recent album. I guess I am just an old soul boy at heart, given a saturday night in, listening to The Craig Charles Funk and Soul show on radio 6 is a great evening, ummmm maybe I need to get out more!  oh and I think One Direction are clearly genius. And of course I can’t talk about my favourite music without mentioning David Bowie. He was maybe the biggest musical influence on me.


Is Lionel Messi art?  maybe not,  then its got to be JEAN MICHEL BASQUIAT,  but I  have many favourites, the SUN by Ulafur Eliassen at the Tate a few years back still stands out and most of the work of ANDREW GOLDSWORTHY I partially like the use of nature and the scale of his outdoor work.

Something Else

Friends and Family, the people close to me are without doubt my favourite things, the rest is just stuff.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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