Favourite Fives: Glenn Kitson

Why do all people from Bolton insist on being funny? It’s like they’ve all been drinking Peter Kay’s blood/wee while he wasn’t looking. Now relocated to Bournemouth, Rig Out chum Glenn Kitson sent us an email yesterday entitled “My Famous Five”. Here it is.

Item of Clothing.

Uniqlo white cotton trunks –

I like working on a tight brief. And I like working on a tight brief whilst wearing tight briefs.

£4:95! They’re so cheap, I’ll buy a few pairs and wear fresh ones EVERYDAY.

I bet that’s how Biggie Smalls rolled.


Tough one this, I’ve been obsessed with a few different bands of late – I’m currently listening to Cheval Sombre’s new long player ‘Mad Love’. It’s produced by former Spaceman 3 dude, Peter Kember/Sonic Boom someone who I’m a massive fan of.  Speaking of which, Spaceman 3’s early 90s album Recurring is massively underrated. Its mega. So that then. Check out Big City.

Ps. I’ve also been listening to loads of Brian Jonestown Massacre and my usual smorgasbord of Balearic nonsense.


Books? Are you taking the piss? Since buying an iPhone I can’t remember the last book I’ve managed to read. I struggle reading a bed time story to my daughter without checking if the picture I posted on instagram of my trousers has had more than 15 likes yet.

But if you must, probably Orwell’s Down and out in Beverly Hills


Art lol.
Again if you must, this by Lowry. Cos its got Burnden Park on it.

Something Else

New York. Its fucking ace. Everything I imagined it to be.
Tokyo – the same, all my expectations were met.
LA – again, great but in different ways.
Paris, Florence, Milan… London. I dig cities.
I love visiting cities. I am very fortunate to work in a role where I get to visit and work in some amazing places.


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.


  1. ^^ The useage of ‘one’ and ‘too’ in the above sentence seems wrong.

    Carry on.

  2. I hear his one weakness is that he’s slightly bald too?

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