Favourite Fives : Graeme Fidler

Several is a pretty good name for a brand isn’t it? It’s not just a clever catchword though, it sums up the ethos of the collective behind it, all of whom have a wealth of experience and serious #menswear pedigree.

Ex-of Bally and Aquascutum, Graeme Fidler heads up the whole thing as Creative Director, and he’s ably assisted by Patrick (Oi Polloi, Norse Projects), Reuben (Fred Perry Laurel, Stone Island) and Clem (Margaret Howell , Aquascutum). With such a decent range of experience, you just know Several is going to be good.

It’s the captain of the good ship Several who we’re concerned with right now though, and his favourite five offers even more insight into what to expect from this fluid mix of clothing brand, retailer and design consultancy.


I Bought a very similar Montbell jacket in Japan back in 1998. After rigorous wear, 16 years on I have the equivalent replacement.



Martin Parr Japan, Martin Parr has always fascinated me mostly by his form of inspiration or subject for example photographers Richard Billingham – Rays A Laugh by and Tony Ray Jones. Or his book Parking Spaces.



Simion Mobile disco “Whorl”.

I very rarely rate new music as highly as I do this record. Its brilliant and modern.



Theorem (1968) – Pier Paolo Pasolini – I was introduced to this film by a very dear friend and I had just recently met the lead character Sir Terence Stamp.


Something else

The Alpa camera – as used by Paul Graham. He has a new book out called ‘Does yellow run forever?’.



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