Favourite Fives : Ian Russell

Not content with cutting hair, traditional barber Ian Russell has a nice sideline in leather goods too. The Hubb Leatherworks is just one of the things Ian does when he’s not chopping cool cuts. We’re expecting to hear a lot more from The Hubb in 2014 so we thought we’d start by introducing the man behind it all. Here’s Ian’s favourite five.

Item of clothing.
Paisley scarf by Tootal, my dad gave me this in 1987. I have worn it every year since, from a Jil Sander suit to chore coat and jeans, it just works.
Theodore Major, northern industrial landscapes, dark film noir overtones, crucifixion, solitude and industrial power over the working man. Underrated, stunning. There are a few in the northern public collections.
(c) Dr Mary Major; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
As much as I like exploring the food of the world, Floyd on Britain and Ireland triumphs the old Mum style cooking I love.
Pokey Lafarge and the south city three, tap your feet and smile,period instruments give and a lo-fi recording style give this current combo the real 20s 30s american roots sound.
Something else
Mawsons sarsaparilla. Started in Oldham in 1933, third generation making it today.333
Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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