Favourite Fives : Kenneth Mackenzie

We’ve written loads about 6876 and Kenneth Mackenzie now. Sitting here attempting to tee him up yet again is a familiar feeling. Suffice to say when we tried to think of people who would give interesting and individual answers to this series he was one of the first people to spring to mind.

Read on to see his choices and once you’ve done it, buy something at

Item of Clothing

Willard jacket 6876 circa 2001.

(the names of this collection had an obvious influence/obsession of the team at the time!)

It’s not just the item which I still wear every winter, it’s a moment in time when I worked with a great team and we introduced new aspects to the brand, such as accessories and footwear. We produced with superb manufacturers in Italy to make it probably one of my favourite collections. Plus it wasn’t all grey and blue which was a major departure into warmth and colour.


Through my many decades/interests :

Albert Camus “L’Etranger” (my original neurotic boy outsider phase)
Hunter S Thompson “Fear and Loathing on the campaign Trail,(maverick searing political satire)
David Winner “Brilliant Orange” (best book on Football ever)
Murakami “The Wind up Bird Chronicle” My “I’m grown up now” reading matter..allegedly


Impossible task! Plus this is something I’ve answered so many times!? Plus I hate with a passion all these people playing the music I grew up with now like its theirs. Move on, there’s great music being made every day all over the world.

Below are some alternative sounds.


Filzanzug by Joseph Beuys. It’s from the Multiples series which had a great influence on me in terms of presentation of 6876 and its aesthetics


Weekend – Jean Luc Godard.

The Most influential & uncompromising films from 68 which was initially banned in France and is a reminder amidst all the “fetishistic” and vacant appropriation of “radical” imagery in recent times of what people were actually trying to achieve back then.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.


  1. Mark Smith

    The couple? Tetris? Are you 6?

    Oh hang on, we can’t tell because you were too scared to put your real name to your comment.

    Ah well.

  2. Haha weekend. No one’s safe, not even the marxists having their fill and spouting shit while the couple were doing there work.

    Is that a tetris quilted liner on that jacket?

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